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"Laird Criner and his team at Film Emporium have provided film production insurance on several projects that I have produced. He has made himself available on short deadlines and answered all my insurance questions with clarity and patience. I have recommended him to many colleges and look forward to working with him and his team on my next project. " —Karlina

"Thank you so much for everything, Laird. I really appreciate you holding my hand the entire way through the process, made it so easy."—Andrew

“Film Emporium is the best! They've been my company's insurance company for many years. They are super helpful, awesomely fast, and do everything to accommodate the fast tempo of production no matter what the scope is, no matter how small or large!”—Jane

“Never had a problem with Film Emporium, Crilla Criner is wonderful. Every time we need a certificate, they help us really quickly. I would use Film Emporium again in the future!”—Walther

“Laird Criner is a gentleman and Film Emporium is a wonderful company. Very helpful with all my insurance needs. A wealth of good production insurance knowledge here folks! I would use Film Emporium again in a heartbeat!”—Nicholas

“Laird Criner at Film Emporium is a Producers dream in regards to Entertainment Insurance. He's quick to respond to all correspondence, he offers affordable insurance and is quick to send out certificates. I've used the company on every film and plan on continuing the relationship in to the future.”—Kim

"I do not have words to thank you enough, especially because everything happened on such short notice. Thank you for your attention, your care, your commitment and, especially, your politeness. It was a pleasure working with you and I'll make sure that in every single production I'm involved with, we use Film Emporium's services."—Carol

“Great place to purchase insurance! These guys are my go to. I've purchased both short term and annual policies from them. Csilla is friendly, knowledgeable and quick with correspondence. She is especially good at providing clear answers for a process that can many times be confusing for filmmakers. Also, they have an online system for generating COIs, which cuts out the hassle of having to request them and the worry of needing a COI outside of office hours/on Holidays. Unless you need special wording you can generate all your own COIs 24/7. Highly recommended.”—Lauren

“Great customer service! I am in constant need of insurance forms with customized edits for students last minute and Anthony is the guy that always helps me out. Our university has been using this insurance service for a very long time and it has always worked for us. No complaints about it. Keep up the good work!”—Kol

“Laird, Again, thanks for your quick help.  I've been trusting you guys for film stock (35mm short ends back in the day!) and now insurance for over a decade."  —Andrew

"Thank you so much for your professionalism, courtesy and expediency under what has often times been very last minute and befuddled requests.  Your work has not gone unnoticed by our production team. I am personally looking forward to working with you and Film Emporium on all my future shoots!"—Herman

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I'm sure I gave you a couple headaches and I really appreciate that you still communicated with me in a calm and professional manner. I also really appreciate how easy it was to contact you. Film Emporium was a great choice.”—Alyssa

“I don't say this lightly, but you and your company are far and away much more professional than any other insurance company we've dealt with. We should have started with you in this process and I will not make that mistake again when I have insurance needs in the future.”—Dave

"Whew!  Thank you again.  You really help make the hard part easier."— Will 

“We're very happy. We went through quite a few agents until we found you guys. You're the only ones that have been able to get us what we need. Thanks again!”—Shawn

“Took me a while to find the right insurance company, but I finally did. Thank you. The price is competitive, the sales and customer service reps have been warm and professional, and the 24/7 website is a lifesaver. Keep it up!!”—Kenny